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Weekly Update 10/22/19

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all are staying strong through the rigorous academic challenge of college. I see a ton of you studying in the library, which is fantastic. However, I will remind you not to leave your personal belongings because some stuff has been reported to be stolen.


Here’s what is going on this week:

Fall Party

Fall Party is Friday @ 7pm on the quad by the library. It's going to be Pumpkin Patch themed, so wear your favorite flannels and get ready to carve some pumpkins and stuff some scarecrows!

Club Fair

The Club Fair will be on Saturday the 28th at 1:30! Booths will be set up between the Olsen apartments and the soccer field. Come enjoy a hot dog and join a club!

Journeys Trip

There will be a climbing trip this Saturday the 28th at the Black Cliffs near Boise.  Sign open at noon on Wednesday (sept 25th) at the Journeys club room in the student center and costs $5. No equipment or experience needed. There are 14 spaces for this trip so sign up as soon as possible.  Questions contact Jeb Anderson at (208)250-6736 or email JEAnderson@nnu.edu.

Campus Ministries

Timeout! Wednesday at 9pm! Little Theater! Carol Clark will be bringing the word and Jules Peart is leading worship. 

Small Groups

Want to be part of an 1820 Group or another kind of small group on campus? Sign up here: https://docs.google.com/forms/u/1/d/e/1FAIpQLScDoJejzNemAEAKLwX3acXBtgWcFdYF62_a9-PInA51Z2Kqug/viewform?usp=send_form

Healthy U

On September 27, SNA will be hosting an event where students can come and get their flu shots, register to donate bone marrow, and other educational booths.  The event will be from 8 – 2 in the student center. 


The Peer Health Educators is selling first aid kits which you can find here:


Be American

AMA will set up booths on Tuesday and Wednesday this week for National Voter Registration Day. 


Senate on Wednesday at 7:30 pm! Join us in the Learning Common's Instructional Lab!


Women's Soccer

 9/26 vs SPU @ HOME,

 9/28 vs WOU @ HOME



9/26 vs SMU @ HOME

9/28 vs SPU @ HOME


Men's Soccer

9/27 vs U Mary @ HOME



Skye Johnson

Executive Secretary

AKA "Master of Minutes"  

Student Government Association