Senate Minutes

Senate Minutes

ASNNU Senate: November 28th, 2018

Call to Order: 7:34pm

Opening Prayer: Senator Rick

Approval of the Agenda

Motion: Senator Appleby

Second: Senator Fender

Vote: 11 of 11 approved.

Approval of last session’s minutes:

Motion to approve: Senator Appleby

Second: Senator Nance

Vote: 11  of 11 approved.

Gallery Business: Grant Miller asked whether a ladder or a diamond ring is more expensive, to which he answered the latter. With Christmas break approaching, he reminded all to let him know if they need anything as the semester finishes

SNA Club Report:  Co-president Rebekah shared that after taking over last spring, they’ve taken membership up from about 12 to about 50. They are met with Grant Zweigl to talk about their service project, got in contact with NSD to get involved in an after-school program called the Hub. they’ve been going and spending time here for service hours, providing some meals and after school snacks. They are hoping to partner more with NSD through the rest of the year, and looking to be a positive presence for NNU in the community.

AMA Club Report: President Olivia and VP Avery shared that AMA works to help members using their marketing skills in hands-on ways. They try to do this in ways that serve the NNU and Nampa community. They offer marketing consulting for non-profits and small businesses and host small events on campus. This semester they have increased membership to about 20, with more involvement from those who are members. They also have students studying Graphic Design and Communication, and increased their leadership. This semester they celebrated National Voter Registration Day, partnered with CSMA to host a guest speaker, held a Fall Ball with a food and jeans drive. They are currently planning a Christmas Toy Drive. Next semester they are looking to use Google Analytics to help businesses in the community, as well as working to teach students in the Nampa area about business and marketing. These events are primarily where their funds are used. They’ve asked for an increase in funds for next semester to attend a conference which they are trying to take more leaders to. This Sunday they are holding a Ninja Warrior event in partnership with their Entrepreneurship class at 2pm. Cost is $5 per person and their are raising to support orphans and refugees in India.

Communication Club Report: After some debate over sitting or standing, VP Akkerman, president of the Communication Club, shared about the transition of club. They have gone from being a department club to a Class A Club. They currently have about 7 regular attenders ,but more who RSVP to events. They are responsible for Wednesday Night Live, the next of which is coming Dec. 5th. For their service project, they are planning to  judge for high school debate tournaments next semester. They will also be partnering with the Creative Writing Club to hold a Poetry Slam. They will also continue holding WNL.

Brick House Report: Micah Tranch shared that Christmas decorations are up. They have 50 prospective students coming for an admissions event tomorrow, and Week of Cheer they will be holding Christmas Party, with fun gifts to be given away! This will be the last big event of the semester for them.

SGA Officer Reports:

President D’Orazio: Executive SGA gear is in. Met with Melinda Poe this week to talk about what we have on campus for mental health awareness, in preparation for NSLA in the spring.

Social VP MacDonald: Week of Cheer is next week! There will be events every day, including the Christmas Tree Lighting, hot chocolate, WNL, Christmas TImeout, and ice skating in Caldwell.

Business Manager Rick: Shared the updated Subfund report. Working to get caught up after budgeting and break.

Club Coordinator Nobbs: Working on getting clubs in to report before the end of the semester, and catching up and working on updating club forms.

Community Relations Coordinator Dringenberg: Visited with Snake RIver Elementary this week, bringing the $300 raised from the Serve Week charity concert. They are looking for NNU students to hang out with students on Friday. Completed a full written overview of the impact data from Serve Week, available upon request.

Campus Ministries Coordinator Fast: Shannon Seward will be speaking and Katie Largent is leading worship at Timeout tonight. Next week is Christmas TImeout. There will be hot chocolate available starting at 8:30 (BYOM), Christmas music and fun. Looking toward Winter Awakening, talked with worship leaders and speaker. Thanked those who came of helped with Timeout Retreat - it was a success!

Athletic Liaison Mahowald: Two women’s basketball games this week, Thursday and Saturday. Saturday will be a big game, and Christmas themed!

Intramural Overlord  Johnson: T-shirts done, refs are paid, everything is wrapped up for this year. Working on planning basketball for next semester.

Publicity Director Kohagen: President D’Orazio reported for David, as he is out sick. This week David has been working on Week of Cheer, and updating TVs, slides, etc.

Oasis Editor James: Yearbook photos took place this week, with another opportunity coming next semester. Assigning spreads for his design team and working with the Idaho Book Bindery.

Executive Secretary Rimer: Unable to be present tonight, Class Council Secretary Kamryn Steele reported for her that this week she has sent lots of emails and updated the website, mostly routine things.

Executive VP Akkerman: This week has consisted of looking at agendas, and preparing for JIngle Senate. If there is something urgently needing passed before the end of the semester, talk to Parker. A formal invitation will be coming for next week, but come in Christmas attire! There will be coffee, cookies, Santa hats, etc. Shout out to Josh Dringenberg for the name, “Jingle Senate,” and to the Ways and Means Committee and to Business Manager Rick for all of their hard work with budgeting.


Committee Reports:

Judicial Committee: Nothing to report.

Ways and Means Committee: Budgeting went well. Shoutout to Hannah for moving everything online. They will have emails coming out soon with some explanations, as there were lots of large cuts that had to be made.

Campus Life Committee: Nothing to report.

Old Business:

SB 18-11-01 NNU Cultural Diversity Club Class A Transition

Second reading: Senator Booker.

First word: Senator Booker yielded his time to current leaders of the Cultural Diversity Club. They shared that NNU has a gap that needs to be filled. The funds they are requesting would be to pay for guest speakers, snacks, bussing, and trip meals. The purpose of the club is to enrich campus with more cultural diversity  opportunities. They want to help people to participate in more cultural events, and helping them to fulfill cross cultural credit requirements.

General discussion:

Senator Stuhr pointed out there was no money requested in the bill and asked how much funding they were requesting. They are seeking $1000. Senator Fender inquired about definite plans for the money. Plans for include involvement with a Cinco de Mayo event at Nampa High School which incorporates elements from various cultures. They also want to bus members to events, provide snacks from other cultures, and bring in a variety of guests. Senator Fender asked about when they were desiring funds; they are planning to write a bill next semester. Senator Booker clarified that with the nature of how late it is in the semester, they are seeking Class A Status now, but felt it is best to wait to request funds. Chief Justice MacDonald shared excitement about the potential for student interest.

Motion to end discussion: Senator Booker

Second: Senator Stuhr

Vote: 11 of 11 approved.

Vote on Bill:

10 in favor.

0 opposed.

1 abstaining.

SB 18-10-03 NNU American Society of Mechanical Engineers Class A Transition passes with a vote of 10-0-1.

New Business:

SB 18-11-02 Spring 2019 Budgeting Allocations

First Reading: Senator Rogers.

Motion to adjourn: Senator Stuhr

Second: Senator Appleby

Vote: 11 of 11 approved.

Adjournment: 8:08pm

Grant Miller