Senate Minutes

Senate Minutes

ASNNU Senate: December 5th, 2018 (Jingle Senate)

Call to Order: 7:35pm

Opening Prayer: VP Akkerman

Jolly Approval of the Agenda

Motion: Senator Appleby.

Second: Senator Stuhr.

Vote: 11 of 11 approved.

Jolly Approval of last session’s minutes:

Motion to approve: Senator Stuhr.

Second: Senator Appleby.

Vote: 11 of 11 approved.

Jolly Gallery Business: Grant shared that we just figured out one of the biggest causes of global warming: the naughty list. And Happy Hanukkah! Hanukkah happens 100 years before Jesus’ birth when the Jews take back the temple and make it holy again. They lit the menorah in the holy of holies, and though there was concern about the oil going out, and it miraculously stayed lit for the 8 days it took to produce more good oil. Grant reminded us that you might be in the middle of a tough season with all of the busy-ness, but Hanukkah provides us with a reminder that every day is a new day to celebrate God’s goodness. His mercies and grace are new every day. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and have a wonderful Christmas break!

Jolly Computer Club Report: Zach Garner shared they have general meetings which are more educationally focused, and hold parties in which everyone gets together to play video games. Tomorrow at 11am they are having a Christmas party, and at 1:30pm they’re going to Idaho Arts Charter to put on an hour of coding, filling their service project requirement. Some of their funds have gone toward purchasing pi’s (not edible pies).

Jolly STAND Club Report: Aaron Rogers (president) and Aaron Hernandez (organization liaison) shared that STAND is a service club whose mission is to find ways for NNU students to get involved in the community, with special focus on those who are impoverished and have other various needs. They have been working with a women’s shelter where they have volunteered several times. Next semester they are working to get involved with the Salvation Army’s winter shelter program. Additionally, Grant Zweigl and a class on campus are working to do a ‘point and count,’ where they will  send students to different locations and count those who classify themselves as homeless. Also working with the Hub (NSD), a yearlong program helps at risk students. There’s a kickoff event for next semester in the works. Currently partnering with AMA for a toy drive for children of prisoners.

Senator Booker inquired about the name STAND. Senator Rogers shared they are standing up for people in the community in need of representation and for someone to advocate for them.

Jolly Sigma Tau Delta Club Report: Simeon Howie shared that so far this semester, they have been calling themselves the Basement Poet Society. The club is an English Honors Club, and they are working to open up to more literature and writing next semester. Working to find what the club is supposed to be. Typically meet Fridays at 3:30pm, with 2 to 10 in attendance. Next semester, working to pull in more people. Looking at a book club for next semester. Every other week they meet and have a writing prompt. Looking at a poetry slam night and the shakespeare festival trip for next semester. Simeon then shared a poem he wrote.

Jolly Brick House Report: Micah Tranch shared the Merry Brickmas party is tomorrow night at 7pm! Many gifts to be raffled, snacks, peppermint bricks, and a jolly old time!

Jolly SGA Officer Reports:

President D’Orazio: Merry Christmas everyone!

Social VP MacDonald: Tonight is Christmas Timeout and WNL, BH Party tomorrow, and ice skating in Caldwell on Friday night for FREE! Good luck with finals!

Business Manager Rick: Shared the weekly subfund report. Housekeeping and working to get people paid before break.

Club Coordinator Nobbs: Met with a couple of people this week to talk about starting new clubs next semester!

Community Relations Coordinator Dringenberg: Working on putting together a binder for his successor.

Campus Ministries Coordinator Fast: Christmas Timeout is tonight!

Athletic Liaison Mahowald: Basketball and track meet this week!

Intramural Overlord  Johnson: Planned everything for next semester’s intramurals this week.

Publicity Director Kohagen: Week of Cheer posters, posts, slides.

Oasis Editor James: Working on editing yearbook photos, spreads, and setting a final printing date.

Executive Secretary Rimer: Mostly housekeeping this week. Helping some clubs with reservations on campus.

Executive VP Akkerman: Ho Ho Howdy! This week consisted of preparation for Jingle Senate and working on Senate-wear. Extended a thank you to all of Senate for their work and dedication this semester.


Jolly Committee Reports:

Judicial Committee: Nothing to report.

Ways and Means Committee: Sharing budgeting allocations tonight.

Campus Life Committee: Nothing to report.

Holly Jolly Old Business:

SB 18-11-02 Spring 2019 Budgeting Allocations

Second reading: Senator Rogers.

First word: Senator Rogers shared they worked hard to make tough decisions. It’s exciting how much people are aiming to do, but tough to make cuts.

General Discussion: None.

Motion to end discussion: Senator Largent.

Second: Senator Queen.

Vote: 11 of 11 approved.

Vote on Bill:

11 in favor.

0 opposed.

0 abstaining.

SB 18-11-02 Spring 2019 Budgeting Allocations passes with a vote of 11-0-0.

Holly Jolly New Business: No new business.

Motion to adjourn: Senator Booker.

Second: Senator Appleby.

Vote: 11 of 11 approved.

Adjournment: 8:04pm.

Grant Miller