Senate Minutes

Senate Minutes

ASNNU Senate: September 26th, 2018

Call to Order: 7:32pm

Opening Prayer: Senator Rogers

Approval of the Agenda:

Motion to approve: Senator Stuhr
Second: Senator Nance

Vote: 9 of 9 approved.

Approval of last session’s minutes:

Motion to approve: Senator Queen

Second: Senator Mack

Vote: 9 of 9 approved.

Swearing in of New Senators: Chief Justice MacDonald swore in the newly elected Freshman Class Senators, Gabrielle Rick, Zach Booker, and Nathan Appleby.

Gallery Business: Grant Miller started off by telling two jokes. Last week some SGA members met with the Foundations Board as student representatives. Lots going on right now, reminder to stay up to date and to keep people informed about all of the current happenings.

Yarn Club Report: Abby Abell reported some of the yarn club’s purpose and current happenings. They are already thinking about a service project, with a launch day sometime in the next few weeks. They will be knitting baby blankets for a local crisis pregnancy care center. They meet Thursdays from 7:30-9:30pm in the club corner, and have a new Instagram page. Missed budgeting in the spring, so they have a bill coming in the next few weeks, asking for funds to buy supplies for students who can’t afford their own, and for their service project, among a couple of other things.

Brick House Report: Micah Tranch reported the BH is doing well, they had a good turnout for last week’s campfire hangout. Currently working on details with some internet issues and are coming close to resolving that problem.

SGA Officer Reports:

Campus Ministries Coordinator Fast: Timeout is tonight, with Trent Emerson speaking, and Morgan leading worship. Fall Revival is approaching, watch for details.

President D’Orazio: Met with the Foundations board last week, prayed at the President’s Dinner. Met with class chaplains to talk about class chapels, and had an all-SGA meeting.

Social VP MacDonald: Olivia had a Social Board meeting last night. Fall Party is Friday with hay rides, games, and pumpkin pie. 7pm on the Brandt lawn.

Business Manager Rick: Presented the weekly subfund report. Lots of regular housekeeping this week.

Club Coordinator Nobbs: Met with the Foundations Board last week. Planning for the Presidents’ Club Breakfast this Saturday. Working to get club information and senators’ information posted in the club corner.

Community Relations Coordinator Dringenberg: Bought a banner this week as a thank you for the construction workers on our campus, will be available to sign soon. Planning a service project for a Dex worker who lost her husband this summer, watch for info.

Athletic Liaison Mahowald: Volleyball games Thursday and Saturday, tomorrow is whiteout. Stamping Nighthawk Cards at the games, and also handing them out for those who haven’t gotten them. Still working on shirts which will be coming soon.

Intramural Overlord  Johnson: Intramurals are still taking place.  

Publicity Director Kohagen: Usual posters and social media. Updates to the website: senate minutes and Kettle Card deals are now up.

Oasis Editor James: Met with photographers and designers this week, and got a new computer.

Executive Secretary Rimer: Working with Sophomore Class Council for Fresheree audition sign-ups, weekly SGA updates and Senate minutes up on the SGA website now.

Executive VP Akkerman: This week has consisted of finalizing Freshman Class Council details, and we now have a full senate.

Committee Reports:

Campus Life Committee: Meeting soon to talk about connecting with the student body, as well as suspending vs. annulling clubs.

Judicial Committee: Nothing to report.

Ways and Means Committee: Nothing to report.

Old Business: No old business.

New Business: SB 18-09-02 Funds for Sophomore Class Council

First Reading: Senator Mack.

Senator Mack: Move to suspend the rules to move the bill from new business to old business tonight.

Vote: 12 of 12 approved.

First word from Senator Mack: Fresheree is in 2 and a half weeks. The Sophomore Class Council currently has $500, and the funds this bill would provide would help them continue to plan and work toward the event.

General Discussion: There was much discussion over the amount the Sophomore Class Council was asking for, and how the money would be used. Senator Stuhr brought up that last year’s Sophomore Class Council had a total budget of $800. With some money already having been spent for the event, and with about $500 remaining in the class council’s account for Fresheree, there were questions over how the $800 would be utilized. With the class already having spent some, and with $500 still remaining, the idea was proposed to amend the bill to lower the amount

Motion to amend the bill: Senator Largent

To amend the ‘therefore let it be resolved’ to read: that $400 be placed in the Class of 2021’s account.

Second: Senator Queen

General discussion of the amendment: Senator Largent asked Sophomore Class Senators if they felt a total of $900 would be enough to put on the event, to which Senator Fender replied, yes.

Motion to end discussion: Senator Rogers

Second: Senator Booker

Vote to amend the bill: Passed.

11 in favor

0 opposed

1 abstained

Motion to end discussion: Senator Largent

Second: Senator Largent.

Vote on bill: Passed.

11 in favor

0 opposed

1 abstained

Motion to adjourn: Senator Queen

Second: Senator Appleby

Vote: 12 of 12 approved.

Adjournment: 8:07pm.

Grant Miller