Senate Minutes

Senate Minutes

ASNNU Senate: October 31st, 2018 (SPOOKY Senate)

Call to Order: 7:35pm.

Opening Prayer: Senator Hernandez.

Spooky Instructions: When placing one’s hand forward to speak, one must say “trick-or-treat” upon being called on. Then VP Akkerman will throw candy.

Approval of the New Agenda

Motion: Senator Appleby.

Second: Senator Stuhr.

Vote: 12 of 12 approved.

Approval of last session’s minutes:

Motion to approve: Senator Booker.

Second: Senator Appleby.

Vote: 12 of 12 approved.

Spooky Cycling Club Report: Co-president David Kohagen (president of the road bike side, Ryan McMahan is president of the mountain biking side) shared the cycling club likes to go ride bikes. Their service project will hopefully be to put a bike pump outside of the library.

Spooky Gallery Business: Grant Miller stated that since 2008 Grant was part of inviting everyone to Spooky Senate, he came as 2005 Grant. 2005 Grant claimed that despite having his high school football gear, he is not clinging to his past. TWIRP was fantastic, and Grant shared that he will be gone next week.

VP Akkerman made a note that it was 2007 Grant in the invitation, NOT 2008 Grant.

Spooky Brick House Report: Micah Tranch shared the BH Halloween party is happening tonight! First 100 to arrive in costume get candy bars, and there will be Dutch Bros. gift cards as prizes for costume contest and game winners.

Spooky SGA Officer Reports:

President D’Orazio: Josh, dressed as Thor, shared things are going well and that TWIRP was fun. Spoke with Junior Class Council about Homecoming.

Social VP MacDonald: Dressed as Wonder Woman, she thanked everyone for coming out to TWIRP this past weekend. The next event coming is Fries and Pies on November 17th.

Business Manager Rick: Dressed as herself (sorta*), she shared the weekly subfund report. Closing the e-store and finishing up things for TWIRP. Working on budgeting and preparing for the how-to meeting happening tomorrow, and getting people paid through reimbursements and purchase orders. (*Zach Magee came dressed as Business Manager Rick.)

Club Coordinator Nobbs: Nicole, coming to us directly from Shield, has been working with the AMA club to get their Fall Ball together. Also working to put up club events  and helping with TWIRP

Community Relations Coordinator Dringenberg: Dressed as another fairly well-known Josh, he reminded us that this week is Serve Week! Tonight Timeout will be missions-based, tomorrow freshman dorm cleanup is taking place, a charity concert is happening on Friday, and Club Serve Day is taking place on Saturday.

Campus Ministries Coordinator Fast: A very groovy Morgan shared that tonight Timeout is in Brandt Center at 9pm. It will be a night of missions-emphasis with interactive response. Next week signups will be out for TImeout Retreat, cost $30.

Athletic Liaison Mahowald: Captain America/Jackie shared there are soccer and volleyball games on Saturday. Basketball starts next week and senior night for volleyball

Intramural Overlord  Johnson: The overlord shared that playoffs are happening, and that championships are taking place next week during homecoming.

Publicity Director Kohagen: Dressed as Waldo, he told us he updated slides and the website. There is a recycling initiative involving three cubs for which info will be coming out soon.

Oasis Editor James: Wearing a monkey mask, sassily shared that he met with a design team this last week, and yearbook photos are taking place th

Executive Secretary Rimer: Looking like a tacky-tourist, she shared that this week has consisted of helping with TWIRP and with Serve Week, and ordered a nameplate for our new Senator.

Executive VP Akkerman: Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg has been working on TWIRP, spooky senate, getting things together for Senator Hernandez, and one step away from sending info for task force for the Well.


Spooky Committee Reports:

Judicial Committee: Nothing to report.

Ways and Means Committee: Nothing to report.

Campus Life Committee: Working on posters with class senators information.

Spooky Costume Contest Voting.

Each of the senators presented their costumes and voted for a winner. Winner to be announced at the end.

Old Business:

SB 18-10-05 NNU’s Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Class A Transition

Second reading: Senator Appleby.

First word: Senator Appleby yielded his time to Robert Hance. He would like

Expand reach, provide members opportunities.

General discussion:

Senator Fender asked the reason for the requested $540. Robert shared that money would go toward student memberships, as memberships bring cost of attending the conference down significantly, as well as providing food for meetings. There was discussion over the held precedent in the past of paying for memberships to national clubs, but that there has since been discussion regarding that specifically. Senator Stuhr shared that since individual are receiving benefits from being in the club, it may be worth students paying dues themselves. Senator Queen added that her committee had talked with Club Coordinator Nobbs about using student fees to pay for memberships, and that they were unsure of the fairness of using fees that all students pay for select individuals to receive membership benefits. This conversation was independent of the current bill. Senator Booker, also part of that committee, added they met with Chief Justice MacDonald, and that he agreed with the above sentiment.

VP Akkerman yielded the floor to Grant Miller, who stated that this topic was brought up earlier this year and there is work being done to rewrite the precedent but that nothing has been made concrete. Some history and context: 5-6 years ago there was a school department mandating that students pay dues to have membership in a local chapter of a national club, and turned to creating a club under SGA to have them pay for membership. It felt the department was not contributing to the costs fairly. This was when Class D Status was created. The problem with using student fees to pay membership dues is that this plan is unsustainable. Grant shared that those who budgeted in the spring for this are allowed to do so because they were granted the funds, but that policy needs to be codified before next budgeting cycle. He also stated that it would not be out of order, should the bill pass. to allow this club to pay membership dues for a core group of students to get things off the ground.

Senator Largent agreed with Grant’s point about jumpstarting the club, and shared it’s important to support new clubs so they feel empowered to grow their membership. That being said, she also agreed that it will be good to have a policy come budgeting in a few weeks. Senator Booker proposed tabling the discussion over membership dues to a later date, to which Senator Largent responded that the committee is continuing to work on it, and that Senate will not discuss the matter until the committee brings it to the senators. do we want to table that discussion for a later date and just focus on bill.

Senator Largent asked Robert to share what the club has been doing. Robert shared that they toured Micron in spring last semester and attended a conference in April. Last Monday did service project in conjunction with SWE. They are touring of another engineering company next week, and they have a couple more tours, a speaker, and conference next semester.

Motion to end discussion: Senator Booker

Second: Senator Rick

Vote: 11 of 12 approved, 1 opposed.

Vote on Bill:

10 in favor.

0 opposed.

2 abstaining.

SB 18-10-03 NNU American Society of Mechanical Engineers Class A Transition passes 10-1-2.

New Business: No new business.

Spooky Time: VP Akkerman played Thriller by Michael Jackson.

Motion to end Spooky Time: Senator Largent.

Second: Senator Appleby.

Costume Contest Results: Senator Rogers, dressed as his alter-ego, received the most votes and won the gift card prize.

Motion to adjourn: Senator Appleby.

Second: Senator Nance.

Vote: 12 of 12

Adjournment: 8:13 pm.

Grant Miller