Senate Minutes

Senate Minutes

ASNNU Senate: October 24th, 2018

Call to Order: 7:33pm.

Opening Prayer: Senator Rick.

Amending of the Agenda:

Motion to amend: Senator Queen.
Proposal to add discussion of annulment versus suspension of clubs, immediately following committee reports and before old business.  

Second: Senator Booker.

Discussion of the amendment: Senator Booker stated that he has been in contact with people who are interested in taking over the Well Club.

Motion to end discussion: Senator Largent

Second: Senator Fender.

Vote: 11 of 11 approved.

Approval of the New Agenda

Motion: Senator Appleby

Second: Senator

Vote: 11 of 11 approved.

Approval of last session’s minutes:

Motion to approve: Senator Stuhr.

Second: Senator Rogers.

Vote: 11 of 11 approved.

Swearing in of Sophomore Class Senator, Aaron Hernandez.

Gallery Business: Grant Miller shared a sick joke. There was once a cannibal that got so upset that he threw up his arms. TWIRP oversold and is taking place this weekend. Reminder that if anyone needs history regarding any topics being discussed tonight, please feel free to ask and throw time to Grant Miller, as he would be happy to help.

SWE Club Report: Julie Cox, president of NNU’s chapter of SWE, a national organization working to support women engineers. The club is focusing on getting more students involved, especially freshmen girls. They invite people out to coffee and to fun events. Considering going out to BSU’s career fair. Partnering with IEEE for their service project, for which they will make and decorate cookies with residents of an elderly home. Saving funds for a conference coming up in the spring, so they can send students. Some have been spent on student memberships. Senator Rogers clarified that it is not only females that can join the club.

Brick House Report: Micah Tranch shared the BH is doing well. Internet is set up, and they are hosting a worship tonight tomorrow in partnership with Campus Ministry. Halloween party next Wednesday.

SGA Officer Reports:

President D’Orazio: Josh shared by video (as he is not feeling well) that he met with the class council presidents and that he loves them all.

Social VP MacDonald: TWIRP is this weekend, with 530 planning to attend. Thanked Senators for passing the bill for Social VP funds.

Business Manager Rick: Shared the updated subfund report. This week she has gone through and updated new budgeting methods online; forms are now complete. Forms will be sent out this upcoming Monday. She said to email her if any extra forms are needed or if anyone has questions.

Club Coordinator Nobbs: Three or 4 clubs that have assumed class B status, and a couple in the process of working towards B status. Working to get club events up on the SGA website.

Community Relations Coordinator Dringenberg: Serve Week is taking place next week. This event will take most of his budget, which he calculated to cost about $1300. This includes t-shirts, marketing, equipment, gift cards, breakfast, and an intramural barbecue.

Campus Ministries Coordinator Fast: Tonight in Timeout Cassidy Littleton is speaking and Morgan is leading worship. BH worship night tomorrow, starting at 8pm, with alternate chapel credit available. Next week, to go along with Serve Week, partnering with Community Relations for Timeout. For the next two weeks, TImeout will be in Brandt.

Athletic Liaison Mahowald: Two soccer games this week, the last two before the GNAC tournament. Looking ahead to basketball starting soon.

Intramural Overlord  Johnson: Last week of the regular season of intramurals. Working on finals brackets and budgeting for the coming semester.

Publicity Director Kohagen: TV slides made it up this week!

Oasis Editor James: He has a design! Yearbook design is final, meeting with the team to start the design process tomorrow evening, and with Tim from the book bindery tomorrow to talk about printing. Photos will be coming in November, so watch for dates and start thinking about photo ideas.

Executive Secretary Rimer: Routine week, helping with Serve Week, and getting in contact with Class Council Secretaries to meet with them.

Executive VP Akkerman: Getting things ready for out new senator, getting new bills, and getting ready for Spooky Senate. Come in costume next week!


Committee Reports:

Judicial Committee: Nothing to report.

Ways and Means Committee: Met last week with Business Manager Rick to talk about forms for budgeting. That way they can be a resource and help club members who have questions about that process.

Campus Life Committee: Met last week to talk about suspension versus annulment of clubs, which they decided to bring to the Senate for more discussion.

Discussion of Annulment versus Suspension of Clubs:

Senator Queen shared that she talked with Student Organization Coordinator Nobbs about certain clubs that she had the idea of not annulling completely. Student Organization Coordinator Nobbs talked about current practices. Annulment of clubs means getting rid of the constitution and removal of their line item from the budget sheet. There was discussion about the benefits of the process of starting previously annulled clubs, with the willingness of going through the process demonstrating a sense of commitment. There was also mention of not wanting to hand over funds without a sense that students taking them will use them responsibly. Several senators concurred that finding a middle ground of keeping a constitution but placing funds back into the General Fund would be useful. This way there is not money that is being held unused, the club has to go through some process to start again, but the bones of a constitution remain to be used again if a group of students so wishes. This also provides opportunity for the club to check in with Senate, creating accountability, and allows senators opportunity to show support for the club. Senator Fender shared her experience with STAND Club, which her and Senator Rogers took over this school year. She shared that though the club looks different this year than in previous years, having a constitution in place to begin from was helpful.

The idea for club suspension with the option of the club being reinstated at a later time would mean that the constitution would still exist to be re-adopted or amended and changed. Grant Miller shared he felt this was a great idea. This would not be a one-size-fits all ruling, but a tool senate could use to suspend or annul a club that is folding. He shared that some clubs have good bones, but not a current group of students ready to uptake it. Ideally, it would be up to the senate to determine if the club was too specific to move into suspension in hopes of it being picked up again, or if a club has a mission broad enough to be likely begun again. Senator Rogers seconded the thoughts of Grant and Senator Fender, and shared the STAND Club has been better for having the bones to build off of from previous years.

There was then question of how long a club could remain in suspension. Senator Wikoff suggested that there could be regularly, possibly yearly, evaluations of clubs in suspension, and determination of whether or not to keep them there. VP Akkerman mentioned this could be delegated as a committee responsibility.

Motion to end discussion: Senator Largent.

Second: Senator Appleby.

Vice President Akkerman stated she will look into need for legislation.

Old Business:

SB 18-10-03 NNU American Society of Mechanical Engineers Class A Transition

Second reading: Senator Rogers.

First word: proposed expenditures on back. Yielded time to Jesus Sanchez.

Jesus: took class in machine design junior year. Providing a place for mechanical and electrical engineers to learn hands on work. Open to all. Already have leadership and constant attending members. With the funds, would be able to move on to more complex stuff. Provides a fun place for engineers and others.

General discussion: Senator Booker asked if the club had a location where they met, to which Jesus replied that they meet in the machine shop. There was question about what EPIC is and why funds were up for grabs. Senator Rogers shared EPIC used to be a club on campus, with focus on physics and engineering. The club was dying, and Jesus stepped in to go another direction, moving to become ASME. This allows them to create fun, hands-on projects and have an item to add to resumes. Senator Largent shared that last semester in budgeting, Jesus came in with the idea of transitioning, and that he was passionate and had a plan (not just a fart in a frying pan).

Motion to end discussion: Senator Rick

Second: Senator Appleby

Vote: 12 of 12 in favor.

Vote on Bill:

10 in favor.

0 opposed.

2 abstaining.

SB 18-10-03 NNU American Society of Mechanical Engineers Class A Transition passes 11-1-0.

SB 18-10-04 Annulment of The Well

Second reading: Senator Largent.

Prior to discussion, VP Akkerman offered some background. Last year she was part of the judicial committee with senator Mack, which had a meeting about the Well Club. Their unofficial leader came to Senate asking to be given class A status and to receive funds. The committee felt the proposed use of funds was contrary to what senate felt was right for student fees, as they were to be used for caring for aiding international students’ needs, not to promote cultural diversity on campus. There has been some transition in administration as far as who is overseeing the care of international students, creating a gap. This year they are looking to take action toward finding a better way to take care of international students, but to also make sure the Well Club is actually functioning as a club to serve all students. Something more needs to be done, so there is a task force being formed to contact the administration to solve the actual problem at hand.

First word: Senator Largent shared that last year the Well became a club in the fall. There was lots of discussion about need for change, so this bill would be first step toward making something happen. These services should not fall under services of SGA. While they are important, they should not be costs covered by student fees. There was also difficulty with accountability from the side of the club, with lots of clear expectations not being met.

General Discussion:

Senator Booker shared there is someone asking about getting cultural diversity club started, and that it sounds that what they want is what Senate envisioned for the Well Club last year. This was his reason for concern if the club was to be annulled. Upon Senator Wikoff’s asking, Senator Largent shared that Essie, Tan, and Maggie are in leadership this year and that she is meeting with Essie tomorrow. Her concern is that current leadership does not have a strong understanding of how things work, so she is meeting with them to see what their plans are. Senator Fender raised concern that annulling the club would leave the international students without the assistance they need and were previously receiving from the Well. Senator Akkerman shared that last year a bill was passed to create a task force, which she is almost done beginning, to contact outside persons to take over this responsibility.

There was question of postponing annulment and tabling discussion until next week, with Senator Largent’s meeting with them taking place tomorrow. Senator Largent shared that this topic has been talked over for a long time and is an ongoing issue, and that discussion won’t change anything because they funds they are asking for should not fall under SGA. Senator Queen stated annulling the club would make a statement that someone needs to be taking care of this and that it should not be student fees. The conversation tomorrow is to communicate what is happening and to create a point of contact so when the task force is formed, there is someone to point the administration to. Historically, international students have been taken care of by an outside group, but then placed on the shoulders of SGA.

Discussion then moved to the cultural diversity club, and Senator Wikoff shared that annulling the Well Club would be wise in light of the idea of a new club being started, to keep current Well Club leaders from feeling that leadership was being taken from them.

Motion to end discussion: Senator Booker

Second: Senator Appleby

Vote: 12 of 12 approved.

Bill vote: with a vote of 12-0-0 the bill passes.

Vote on Bill:

12 in favor.

0 opposed.

0 abstaining.

SB 18-10-04 Annulment of the Well passes 11-1-0.

New Business:

SB 18-10-05 NNU’s Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Class A Transition

First reading: Senator Appleby.

Motion to adjourn: Senator Stuhr.

Second: Senator Fender.

Vote: 12 of 21 approved.

Adjournment: 8:37 pm.

Grant Miller