Senate Minutes

Senate Minutes

ASNNU Senate: October 17th, 2019

Call to Order: 7:36pm.

Opening Prayer: Senator Wikoff

Approval of the Agenda:

Motion to approve: Senator Stuhr.
Second: Senator

Vote: 10 of 10

Approval of last session’s minutes:

Motion to approve: Senator Booker

Second: Senator Fender

Vote: 10 of 10 approved.

Gallery Business: Grant Miller has the heart of a lion and a lifetime ban from the Boise Zoo. Thanks to the Sophomore Class Council for a great Fresheree. This is a busy week and a busy season. Encouraged everyone that they’re doing great and to keep going.

Accounting Club Report: Kyle Johnson reported that the Accounting Club likes to go over career opportunities for club members, work together on homework, and this year are working to get members certified on QuickBooks, a software businesses use.. Griffin Peppley shared that for their service projects, they are teaming up with AMA and SMF clubs to participate in Rake-Up Nampa. Next semester they are working with VITA to help low income families and students with tax returns from February through May.

Swing Dance Club Report: Abbie Herberger reported that the club meets every friday in the JSC from 6-8pm, with an average attendance of about 20-30. They just had their Fall Party this past Saturday, and are working on planning for their Christmas Party. Funds they were given last year for Sun Valley are now going toward the fall and christmas events. They were unable to go on the Sun Valley trip due to another UCO trip over the same dates.

Brick House Report: Micah Tranch reported the BH is doing well. Working out internet issues, campfire hangout this week, and working with Campus Ministry for a worship night soon.  

SGA Officer Reports:

President D’Orazio: Met with the Board of Trustees last week and got to meet a lot of new faces and brag on our student government.

Social VP MacDonald: Thanked Senate for funds. TWIRP is next weekend and tickets are on sale through the end of this week.

Business Manager Rick: Shared the updated subfund report. Has been working to update budgeting, modernizing the system and putting everything online.

Club Coordinator Nobbs: Sent out a form this week to clubs to find out about upcoming events in order to help clubs promote them.

Community Relations Coordinator Dringenberg: Serve week is coming in a couple of weeks. Will have an outline of budgeting information for that next week. This is the biggest event for him this semester. Small projects each day of the week, ending with a charity concert on friday night and a big serve day on Saturday.

Campus Ministries Coordinator Fast: Grant reported for Morgan due to her presence being needed at the Little Theater. Timeout on October 31st will be combined with Community Relations for Serve Week, there is an acoustic worship night next Thursday, and Timeout Retreat is coming after Homecoming.

Athletic Liaison Mahowald: Midnight Madness is tonight after Timeout, and there are home games happening this week for both volleyball and men’s soccer.

Intramural Overlord  Johnson: Talked with David about shirt designs for intramural championships, working on reserving turf field for those games, taking place homecoming weekend.

Publicity Director Kohagen: Been working with Skye on intramural shirts, which will hopefully be done through a competition with the art club for designs. Now has account to create slides for televisions around campus to put up information for the weekly email.

Oasis Editor James: Got in touch with the Idaho Book Bindery for yearbook printing, meeting next week to go over details. Almost has design narrowed down, working to get in touch with designers to get things going.

Executive Secretary Rimer: Up to normal routine things this week. If anyone has information they would like to be sent in the weekly email, contact her.

Executive VP Akkerman: Emergency election for sophomore class president has been finalized. Nate Mack, former senator, was elected and will be appointing a new senator. Spooky senate coming october 31st.


Committee Reports:

Judicial Committee: Met on Friday to go over the future of The Well.

Ways and Means Committee: Meeting right after this session ends.

Campus Life Committee: Meeting right after this session ends.

Old Business: No old business.

New Business:

SB 18-10-03 NNU American Society of Mechanical Engineers Class A Transitions

First reading: Senator Rogers.

SB 18-10-04 Annulment of The Well

First reading: Senator Peppley.

Motion to adjourn: Senator Stuhr.

Second: Senator Rogers.

Vote: 9 of 9 approved.

Adjournment: 7:54pm.

Grant Miller