Senate Minutes

Senate Minutes

ASNNU Senate: October 10th, 2018

Call to Order: 7:47pm.

Opening Prayer: Executive VP Akkerman

Approval of the Agenda:

Motion to approve: Senator Booker
Second: Senator Appleby

Vote: 12 of 12 approved.

Approval of last session’s minutes:

Motion to approve: Senator Stuhr

Second: Senator Wikoff

Vote: 12 of 12 approved.

Gallery Business: With blue teeth, Grant Miller reported that the Board of Trustees are here this week and that SGA just came from having dinner with them, after telling a joke about a man who dropped a dolla

Brick House Report: Micah Tranch reported that they are finishing putting things in place for internet, planning for Halloween, and working with Morgan Fast for planning a worship night.

SGA Officer Reports:

President D’Orazio: Josh was not present, as he was attending a Board of Trustees plenary session.

Social VP MacDonald: TWIRP is coming in a few weeks! We will be going to see the Lion King, there will be photo buses, and a corn maze among other things. Be looking for more info to come!

Business Manager Rick: Shared the weekly subfund report. Budgeting will be coming soon, so be on the lookout for info, she’s working to move everything online. New rule for use of the U-Card: it needs to go through Hannah between each person.

Club Coordinator Nobbs: Updated the calendar and presented to the Board of Trustees.

Community Relations Coordinator Dringenberg: Sent some emails this week.

Campus Ministries Coordinator Fast: In Timeout tonight the Fall Revival Speaker JR Forasteros will be sharing, with Shannon Seward leading worship.

Tomorrow night - special speaker event 8pm in the student center. Open time for Q & A and discussion.

Athletic Liaison Mahowald: No games this week!

Intramural Overlord  Johnson: Intramurals are picking back up again after Fall Break.

Publicity Director Kohagen: Up to the usual. New things: working to get slides on the TVs around campus.

Oasis Editor James: Working this week to organize photos, thinking about general designs and layouts for the yearbook.

Executive Secretary Rimer: Normal routine things this week, photos are up in the SGA info board now.

Executive VP Akkerman: Led us in singing to Chief Justice MacDonald in honor of his birthday. This week she has been up to the usual planning for Senate, while also putting together elections for the new Sophomore Class President.


Committee Reports:

Judicial Committee: Nothing to report.

Ways and Means Committee: Meeting next week after Senate to talk about how to fill out budgeting forms so they can aid clubs in prepping for budgeting.

Campus Life Committee: Still need to meet, planning to talk briefly after Senate to schedule a time.

Old Business:

SB 18-10-01 Funds for the Yarn Club

Second reading: Senator Queen

First word: President Abbie Abell is here to answer any questions.

General Discussion: Senator Booker asked what the funds were needed for, specifically. Senator Largent asked Business Manager Rick to put up on the screen the Yarn Club’s budgeting proposal from last screen. The club missed their budgeting appointment and that is why they are in need of more funds. VP Akkerman yielded the floor to Abbie Abell, who explained the funds are for supplies, posters, snacks for meetings, and to fund their service project. The yarn club has 4 regular attenders, with an average attendance of 7-10 each week. There was concern that the amount the club was asking for too much, to which points were raised that to provide materials and snacks for meetings of close to 10 people and a fund a service project, $200 seems fair, and that the Yarn Club is a new club working to get up and running, for which these funds would be reasonable. Abbie mentioned that more expensive materials would need to come out of pocket for the students that wish to use them, but that funds would help to prevent students from having to pay to take part.

Motion to end discussion: Senator Largent

Second: Senator Appleby

Vote: 12 of 12 approved.

Vote on Bill:

10 approved.

1 opposed.

1 abstaining.

SB 18-10-01 Funds for the Yarn Club passes 10-1-1.

SB 18-10-02 Assistance to the Social VP

Second reading: Senator Rogers

First word: Senator Rogers believes this bill is important. The idea of the bill is Important, ensuring we have enough money for campus events. The second page of the handout provides a breakdown of costs and needs. He offered that for freshman wondering about TWIRP, now would be the time to ask any questions.

General Discussion: Senator Fender asked the cost for TWIRP so far, to which VP MacDonald responded that Lion King tickets cost $20,000 and that the rest of the funds for TWIRP are currently coming from ticket sales. Other costs for the event include dinner, t-shirts, and other activities that will take place. The estimated revenue from ticket sales is $15,000, and the additional $5,000 that would go to TWIRP should the bill pass would be to cover extra costs and prevent the Social VP account from going into the red prior to the event. Other funds from the bill would go toward Fries & Pies and Week of Cheer. There were questions for clarification about the total expense for TWIRP, to which VP MacDonald responded that the estimated total cost is $34,000.

Motion to end discussion: Senator Rick.

Second: Senator Booker.

Vote: 8 of 12 approved.

Vote on Bill:

11 in favor.

1 opposed.

0 abstaining.

SB 18-10-02 Assistance to the Social VP passes 11-1-0.

New Business: No new business.

Motion to adjourn: Senator Queen

Second: Senator Appleby

Vote: 12 of 12 approved.

Adjournment: 8:27pm

Grant Miller