Senate Minutes

Senate Minutes

ASNNU Senate: September 12th, 2018

Call to Order: 7:32pm.

Opening Prayer: Sen. Queen

Approval of the Agenda:

Motion to approve: Sen. Stuhr
Second: Sen. Mack

Vote: 9 of 9 approved.

Approval of last session’s minutes:

Motion to approve: Sen. Rogers

Second: Sen. Stuhr

Vote: 9 of 9 approved.

Gallery Business: Grant Miller shared that there’s a lot going on, and that now is the time to be pursuing any of our big goals for the year. Start now, while there’s still time to affect change.. Also gave a heads up that equality of access to funds for clubs is in conversation right now, and making sure everyone has the same standard applied for how we use student fees. Membership dues to national organizations, which is especially applicable for clubs associated with academic departments or disciplines, is something that will be a conversation topic. There is potential policy coming to create a standard for clubs regarding those kinds of expenditures, which he is beginning to work on.

Brick House Report: Micah Tranch reported the next Campfire Hangout will be next week, there is an Admissions event taking place at the BH this week. The BH has been talking to Grant Miller and to IT about getting their theater projector repaired. They are also looking into cable providers for cheaper options that what they currently, along with some options for internet.

Journeys Club Report: Adventure Guides Keaton Woodcook and Janelle Rivera shared their first trip is coming this Saturday. It’s a $10 rafting trip, with a couple of open spots left. Next trip is September 22nd to Lucky Peak. Cost is $15 and includes boating, kayaking, paddle boarding, and jet skiing. Fall break trip details coming soon, they are currently looking at a couple of options for location. Future goals include keeping annual trips going, and also emphasizing to campus that they have gear available for rental. Sen. Stuhr asked about service projects, Keaton said they have been thinking/talking about it but do not yet have a set plan.

SGA Officer Reports:

President D’Orazio: Met with class council members this week, things are going well.

Social VP MacDonald: Broom Hockey this Friday at Idaho Ice World at 10pm, followed by a midnight movie at Overland.

Business Manager Rick: Now has all of the correct numbers for subfunds. She has sent an email out with a link to the subfund spreadsheet. Working on reimbursements and reallocating funds.

Club Coordinator Nobbs: Club Fair is Saturday from 1-3pm with a cookout as well. Met with three people (and one meeting scheduled for Friday) about starting 4 new clubs. Two new club constitutions have been finished and sent to Chief Justice MacDonald.

Community Relations Coordinator Dringenberg: Stella’s is now on the Kettle Card, with a 10% off deal. Nampa Bowl is promoting their NNU night more this year (Thursday nights, everything is $1). Met with his Serve Team to start thinking about Serve Week.

Campus Ministries Coordinator Fast: Tonight at Timeout Camilla Mowry is speaking. She has had lots of meetings with speakers, and training for musicians is coming on Sunday. She is also currently working on Timeout retreat location, along with beginning plans for other future events. Athletic Liaison Mahowald: Stamp cards were ordered today. She is working with Publicity Director Kohagen and the Art Club on shirts. Tomorrow’s volleyball game is a hawaiian theme. Games taking place on Saturday as well.

Intramural Overlord  Johnson: Intramurals start Saturday, registration up until tomorrow night. Met with referees this week.

Publicity Director Kohagen: SGA website has been updated, Timeout slides done, talked with Jackie about shirts (this will involve a competition with the Art Club), and more posters and Instagram posts. Starting to work on publicity for Fresheree.

Oasis Editor James: Met with Natalie Gerdes this week to ask some questions. Meeting with team early next week, and excited to take photos for Broom Hockey.

Executive Secretary Rimer: Got to help with coordinating for SGA Chapel, and feeling more confident about systems in place for minutes and weekly emails. Talked briefly with Josh Rohnert, Sophomore Class President, about Fresheree and how the Executive SGA team can be helping with that. Going to meet with them more about that soon.

Executive VP Akkerman: Working with Senators to get bills out. First bill will be presented tonight. Freshman class election signups are up; be sure to be inviting more Freshman to Senate who are interested. Met with Tayden to work on streamlining things for Senate. Club fair coming on Saturday, senators will meet briefly meet after Senate to talk about plan for that.  


Committee Reports:

Judicial Committee: Nothing to report.

Ways and Means Committee: Nothing to report.

Campus Life Committee: Nothing to report.

Old Business: No old business.

New Business:

SB 18-09-01: International Justice Mission Club Class A Status

First reading: Senator Stuhr

Motion to adjourn: Senator Largent

Second: Senator Stuhr

Vote: 9 of 9 approved.

Adjournment: 7:52pm.

Grant Miller