SGA Officers

The Executive SGA team is composed of 12 officers who serve in a variety of roles. Three executives are elected by a vote of the student body each year; the executives then select the 9 individuals who compose the rest of the cabinet. Scroll down to see descriptions of class council leadership.


Joshua D'Orazio serves as the President of the ASNNU. The President is the Chief Executive Officer of the SGA, presiding over meeting of the executive team and serving as organizer and coordinator for activities within the team. The President is also the primary representative of the student body during the academic year, including service on committees and as student representative to the NNU Board of Trustees.

Executive Secretary

Jessica Rimer serves as Executive Secretary. The Executive Secretary is the chief operations officer of the Student Government Association, serving as contact and liaison for class councils and any other students seeking to be involved in SGA activities. The Secretary is also the primary record-keeper at all SGA and Senate meetings.

Campus Ministries Coordinator

Morgan Fast serves as Campus Ministries Coordinator. The CMC oversees Timeout, a weekly student-led worship service on Wednesday nights, and also provides support for the class council chaplains and an established campus ministries team. The Coordinator also plans special events throughout the year, including Fall Revival, Winter Awakening, and Timeout Retreat.

Intramural Overlord

Skye Johnson serves as Intramural Overlord (yes, that's the official title, it's a long story). Intramural sports are offered year-round at NNU free of charge to undergraduate students, and include activities like flag football, indoor soccer, ultimate frisbee, indoor/outdoor volleyball, basketball, and softball. There are also several popular activities that take place during the year, including campus games like Tagged and Humans vs. Zombies

Executive Vice President

Parker Akkerman serves as Executive Vice President. The EVP oversees the legislative branch of the Student Government Association, presiding as chairperson of the Student Senate and overseeing the agenda, presentation and ratification of bills and budgets, and the reporting of the several officers of the SGA.

Business Manager

Hannah Rick serves as Business Manager. The Business Manager is the chief financial officer of the Student Government Association, and has primary oversight over the several SGA budgets, serves on the Senate Ways & Means committee, and processes payments and reimbursements for services rendered both internal and external to the NNU community.

Publicity Director

David Kohagen serves as Publicity Director. The Publicity Director oversees a team of designers, photographers, and videographers in the creation of several forms of media for the distribution of news and event details to the student body while also helping to direct the SGA social media presence.

Oasis Editor

Kyle James serves as Oasis Editor. The Oasis is NNU's annual yearbook, which is available in both print and digital form as is provided free of charge to all NNU undergraduate students. The Oasis Editor oversees a staff of photographers, designers, writers, and editors throughout the academic year and produces a full-color yearbook that students receive before departing for summer break.

Social Vice President

Olivia MacDonald serves as Social Vice President. The SVP oversees a team of Social Board representatives from the class councils and is responsible for the planning and execution of school-wide social events on and off campus for the Student Government Association.

Community Relations Coordinator

Josh Dringenberg serves as Community Relations Coordinator. The CRC serves as a go-between for the ASNNU and the external community by organizing service projects, blood drives, and helping activate student involvement in local organizations in need of assistance.

Student Organization Coordinator

Nicole Nobbs serves as Student Organization Coordinator. The SOC provides logistical assistance and oversight for the many clubs and organizations run primarily by students at NNU. The SOC also serves as a liaison between the Student Senate and clubs by helping establish new clubs, keeping tabs on budgetary dates, and reporting on their activity.

Athletic Liaison

Jackie Mahowald serves as Athletic Liaison. The Athletic Liaison serves as a link between the student-athlete community and the rest of the students body while also designing promotional events and giveaways to encourage student attendance and involvement at athletic events. The Athletic Liaison also serves as an informal director of NNU's student section.

Class Council leadership teams are composed of 8 elected positions, with each connecting to a part of the larger SGA team. A president serves as team leader; a secretary-treasurer manages records and finances; a class chaplain works with the campus ministry team; three senators serve as representatives on the student senate; two social board members serve on the campus activities board.

Freshmen Class Council

President: Jace Ziegler
Secretary-Treasurer: Rylee Courtright
Chaplain: Riley Fast
Senators: Zach Booker, Gabi Rick, Nathan Appleby
Social Board: Karlee Skaggs, Kyle Johnson

Sophomore Class Council

President: Josh Rohnert
Secretary-Treasurer: Talley Kyle
Chaplain: Christopher Cruz-Osorio
Senators: Nate Mack, Rae Fender, Amanda Wikoff
Social Board: Carol Clark, Skylar Gray

Junior Class Council

President: Nathan Teeter
Secretary-Treasurer: Vivian Camper
Chaplain: Elise Snowden
Senators: Maddie Queen, Josh Stuhr, Griffin Peppley
Social Board: Emily Maxfield, Jillian French

Senior Class Council

President: Natalie Gerdes
Secretary-Treasurer: Kamryn Steele
Chaplain: Adam Curry
Senators: Aaron Rogers, Katie Largent, Emily Nance
Social Board: Camilla Mowry, Alison Edwards