Time to sign up and compete.

The Student Government Association offers a wide variety of opportunities for students to get involved in competition, from classic sports like flag football and basketball to all-campus games like Tagged (seen to the right) and Humans vs. Zombies. Involvement in all of these activities are covered by student fees and are no additional charge.

For intramural sports, SGA uses a third-party service to manage game schedules, standings, and individual and team registrations. To start, you'll want to make a profile using your nnu.edu email address. It's that easy! Even if you don't have a team and want to sign up to play, you can register to compete and will be assigned a team by our SGA Intramural Overlord (yes, that's really the job title). Be sure to watch your email for updates on upcoming sports and activities, as new things are starting year-round.

Click the button below to go to NNU's homepage on IMLeagues.com, our intramural management site.



Tagged is starting up! This is a campus wide game where your mission, should you choose to accept, is to eliminate (with a squirt gun) the player you are assigned until you are the last one remaining. Winner gets a Dutch Bros gift card.

Sign up using this Google Form and email skyejohnson@nnu.edu if you have questions!