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Student Clubs & Organizations

Find your passion and get connected.

NNU has several clubs and organizations that are led and organized primarily by students. These clubs offer opportunities for academic pursuits, adventure in the outdoors, community service, and much more! There is also a simple process for beginning to explore starting your own club if you have a passion for something that is not currently represented. Send us a message through our contact page and our Student Organization Coordinator will connect with you to help get you plugged in!

Get involved with a club!


the accounting club

  • This club brings in guest speakers and helps advise people on their taxes.

American Marketing Association

  • The AMA markets and promotes events happening on and off campus to students and the community. Link to main site…

American Society of mechanical engineers

  • NNU’s ASME chapter provides non-engineering students as well as specifically Mechanical Engineering Students with fun, hands on projects that will help students exercise classroom curriculum in tangible ways. Link to main site…

    computer club

  • TheComputer Club creates opportunities for students who are interested in technology to gather and discuss current trends, play games, and learn about emerging technologies. Link to main site…


  • The NNU IEEE Club makes connections with local engineering companies, exposes members to different types of electrical engineering jobs, listen to talks by electrical engineering experts, and tours businesses. They are also nationally affiliated with VEX Robotics. Link to main site…

Society of Women Engineers

  • The Society of Women’s Engineers stimulate women to achieve their full potential as engineers as leaders, advocate diversity in engineering, and create a positive image of the engineering profession. Link to main site…

The System (Psychology)

  • This club is passionate about psychology, sociology, and criminal justice. They organize department events, service projects, and parties with the goal of creating community and connecting majors.

Student Nursing Association

  • The Student Nursing Association is a student-led group of nursing students committed to serving the community through nursing. Link to main site…



art club

  • The Art and Design Club has a lot of fun doing creative art projects while helping the larger community.

    Creative Writing club

  • The Creative Writing Club brings students together to develop their writing skills and provide inspiration for creative writing.

cycling club

  • The Cycling Club sponsors and supports fun cycling group activities including both mountain and road biking.

Journeys Outdoors Club

  • Journey’s Club provides reasonably priced rentals and trips for weekends and school breaks. They go on an awesome Spring Break trip to go surfing in California! They do lots of outdoor activities like rock climbing, rafting, skiing, and more!

Nighthawk League of Legends

  • Nighthawks League of Legends is NNU's E-Sports gaming club, focused on League of Legends, and brings together students to play games together, compete against other schools, relax, and meet others.

Smash club

  • NNU Smash exists to offer students a break from their studies and safe environment to healthily relieve stress, while building community and comradery through the gaming franchise known as Super Smash Bros.

Student Alumni Council

  • The Student Alumni Council partners with the Alumni House to connect the student body with Alumni, help with Alumni events, and plan the senior class reunion zero.

swing dance club

  • The Swing Dance Club brings students together through dancing! They dance country, east coast, and west coast dance styles and love to teach beginners.

yarn club

  • The Yarn club meets in the Club Corner to work on individual knitting and crochet projects. Experienced and beginning crafters are welcome!





  • Angels Club volunteers at different local assisted living homes. They play bingo, go bowling, and hang out and serve the elderly.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes

  • FCA is a community of people who meet to make the teachings found in God's word practical in their daily endeavors, whether those journeys be athletic, scholastic, or career centered. The group seeks to equip students through the three pillars of: Faith, Fellowship, & Outreach. Link to main site…

INternational Justice Mission

  • NNU’s chapter of the international organization provides the opportunity to pray, advocate, and fundraise for IJM through events like the “Freedom Fast” and more. Link to main site…


  • STAND Club seeks to stand alongside the vulnerable and needy in the Nampa Community through service projects, partnerships with churches, and more.

Worship Ministries

  • Worship Ministries Club is devoted to developing all worship arts through seminars, worship experiences, and training opportunities. The goal of the club is to train leaders and provide opportunities for students to engage in worshipping our God.